I wish I could…

I wish I could and I wish I would. I can’t and I won’t but if I would not be the boring person I am I just would grab your hand and drag you outside. My shoes I would kick off and your would follow so fast you would not even notice them lying in the grass. Your hands I would take into mine and slowly, slowly at first I would turn around with you. Underneath our feet would nothing else be than the yellow, orange and red leaves rustling and swishing slowly between our toes. Faster and faster we would sway till only our fingertips would touch each other, my hair would swing open and for a second or two I would close my eyes being totally convinced I could fly only high and higher till I reached the edge of the world and would forget the world, all covered in gray dust and rain. Faster and faster we would turn around on this late autumnal afternoon that is maybe the very last one where the sun shines and long, so long, a whole long winter we will have to wait for a day like this. A day that is made for singing and dancing, for silly jokes and for warm hands, and tingling feet getting lost on the ground. First the other people would just stand still, looking quietly till they would throw away their shoes and shame as well to join our hand and feet and the warm, sun shining upon all of us. Oh, if only I could and how I wish I would.

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