We are

We are tired. We are alert. We search for a beginning and always for more sun. We sing, most often half a tone to high. We cry. We think of you and you and you. We are lonely. We are many. We search for answers and never let the old questions go. We get lost. We want to go home. We search for direction. We never arrive. We look back. We have cold feet. We love books. We take things personal. We miss you and you and you. We begin, we run away and we come back. We never fall back on our feet but stumble over open shoelaces. We leave things open. We write. We open the postbox and hope to find your letter. We lose keys and never saw Lost in Translation. We sleep, we dream and too often we wake up from a nightmare. We came to stay and moved on. We hurt and why can we not hear you? We love you and you and you. We read. We close our eyes. We wait and we come too late. We find a penny, but the luck promised never reached out for our hands. We love, desperately. We run away. We are haunted. We are fast and so, so slow. We are so many, so few, so much more, we are.

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