Whatever happens, 23.10. 2014

On the train to the city the woman next to me eats a cheese sandwich. The man on her left side, eats his fingernails. They both eat with great desire, till no cheese and no fingernails are left. Another woman reads a fantasy novel, at least that’s my guess. on the cover of the book a heroine with very long fingernails is depicted while fighting with a dragon. I read the newspaper as I do every morning. The news are no good news. I answer too many e-mails. Then I answer more e-mails, I make concepts of whom I am not sure if they will work out as I hope they do. I borrow more books. Just in case. I eat the most horrible stir fry vegetables I can remember. But maybe I forget things too quickly. I am jealous of all the good-looking beautiful women around me, they all look like fairies. I look like the thirteenth fairy not invited to the wedding. What a luck I don’t like weddings at all. I have an unpleasant meeting and more e-mails to answer. On the train back home a woman reads very intensely in a brochure from CLARINS. Maybe CLARINS has developed a formula for world-peace? A man with a red beard reads a Byron biography. He looks exactly as how I would imagine a Byron reader. After many years I read again Edmund Burke. At least it is nice to know that conservative thought, was not always this misanthropic and unpleasant affair of middle-aged men complaining about the burden of modern life, hating everything and everyone beside themselves. At the grocery store I buy six eggs, the grocer’s wife complains about the coming water taxes. „As a businesswoman“ she starts her sentences and then goes on as if she were a professional mourner. You and your organic bag, she says with a bitter tone in her voice looking at the six eggs, and I quickly buy a few apples not to enrage her anger further. The grocer’s wife as an enemy, I truly can’t afford that. At home I realize that the milk is sour, Queen Cat lies upon the armchair and of course does not move a single centimeter. I sit on a chair and look at the rain. Whatever happens, it does not happen here.

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