K. and B. were never just friends. They were best friends. They were best friends with an f for forever. They always came to school together, they never left the school alone. They both were the undisputed queens in the class. Their friendship was bearding a resemblance to the relation between owner and dog, often it was not quite sure if you could hear B. speak or K. telling a story because their voices were hardly to distinguish, their hair were dressed identically and even if they did not wear the same clothes, which was most often the case, the colors chosen always harmonized with each other. They decided who was allowed in their circles, of course I never was and whenever you saw them, they giggled with each other, caressing each other’s hand. B. and K. were the byword for friendship with f- meaning forever. The boys they chose were similar too, similar looking and always abandoned in the very same time. In this way and manner, many years of endless school-days passed by. And for many years I looked at the backs of K. and B. closely leaning together. But one day, close to the approaching and long-expected summer holidays, there was a deep and cold silence in the room, when I entered the class. On the first glance, things looked pretty normal. The same old shabby room, the same old worn-out brown chairs, the dust of chalk spreading all over, the heat of the day, already flickering outside in the morning light but in the second row, close to the standing post of the teacher, always covered with a faded cloth, a seat remained empty. Only B. sat there, while K. was missing. Of course everyone among us noticed this fact immediately, but many more minutes passed, till someone dared to ask if and that was what everybody expected, happened to K. We all expected with that she might have fallen ill, ate something wrong or woke up with an urgent ache in a tooth. But to our surprise, B. without turning a hair, shrugged her shoulders and pretended not to know a thing. And we understood that something must have happen close to an apocalyptic scenario and that the era of the f- for forever had come to an end. A few days later, K. came back to school, entering the room, without taking notice of B. and vice versa, smiling coldly at the rest of us, but the temperature immediately fell down many degrees , even if the heat outside grew and grew during the day. Many weeks later, we learned that both K. and B. fell in love with the same boy at the same time, not telling each other of this sudden emotional upheaval, both pretending that they did not even noticed the guy so far, but both at the same time, approached the sister of D. the object of their desire, telling her atrocities committed by B. or black spots on the white vest of K. to enlighten their beauty and elegance to open D.’s heart. They denounced themselves in a strictly confidential way, but the sister did not remain silent, telling a friend’s friend the story of B. and K. and then the story easily found the ears of B. and traveled further to the eyes of K. The outcome of the affair still remains in the shadows of the past. Some people told that B. this giggling beauty pulled K.’s hair so strongly that she did not stop screaming for two days, whereas other voices where to be heard, reporting that K. the smiling angel, ripped off a necklace from B.’s well-formed neck. But no one can tell the truth for sure. At the end of summer, K. did not return to school, I stopped going to school soon afterwards, spending most of my days reading somewhere else. Many years later I met K. on an airport, but when asking her if she ever heard of B. she just smiled coldly, abruptly turning her face away, B. has 1075 Facebook friends but K.’s name is not to be found among them. D. married a few years ago. It’s a happy marriage, someone told me, a marriage that will last forever, someone else assumed.

4 Gedanken zu “Forever

  1. The sentence that will stay with me from this story is „Some people told that B. this giggling beauty pulled K.’s hair so strongly that she did not start screaming for two days, whereas other voices where to be heard, reporting that K. the smiling angel, ripped off a necklace from B.’s well-formed neck.“ It is laughed aloud funny and perfectly establishes the girls‘ enmity

  2. Tolle Geschichte! Anfangs witzig, man kennt ja diese Art von Mädchen, aber dann bedrückend – Schadenfreude mag nicht aufkommen, der Schluss mit seinem implizierten Happy End – klasse!

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