Getting along

„But the house goes only with the cat“, said the landlady in front of me and what else as to shrug your shoulders and to nod are you able to do, when you stand in front of someone, overladen with piles of book and the desperate need for somewhere to sleep? Finding an apartment in Ireland is close to hope to win in the lottery and I probably would have accepted a crocodile to look after and so I nodded again and moved in a few days later. But things were not as easy as I hoped them to be. The cat thought nothing good of me, the cat decided to think nothing of me at all and sat with her back towards me at the front door, leaving the house only to visit the grocer’s wife down the street to get some food. When the cat returned the cat looked deeply disappointed at me, realizing  that I still was there. Good morning cat, said I day after day when I filled her bowl, which the cat ignored. But finally after ten long days of cold silence, to my great luck, the grocer’s wife got a dog and from the first minute they met, the cat and the dog hated each other with deep and lasting passion. And so the cat decided that I might be evil but not as evil as the grocer’s wife dog. Alright then cat, said I and you dear Reader, who knows the world and the cats better than I do, will laugh out loud, just a few rules cat, my books are absolute taboo as well as my desk but the cat was not impressed a tiny bit and thought the books would suit her very well as well as the paper, the green cashmere shawl and of course the cat, which is in truth a demanding tyrant, soon became the queen of my desk with an extraordinary talent to sleep so deep as I was eager to get some work done. And as it suits only a queen, she jilted one admirer after another, the wonderful grey cat who came over to visit her, watching her for hours outside of the window, was not worth her a single meow, the giant ginger cat who brought her a mouse as a morning gift was dismissed and when I mentioned carefully to her that maybe the white tiger from the upper road might be not the worst companion at all, the cat just looked at me, slightly annoyed because the cat knows too well that I don’t have a single admirer at all and no one who thinks of bringing me a morning gift. So it was me, who waved the white tiger a sad goodbye and so we both stayed who and where we are, I am waiting for her to finish a book I maybe want to read when she in some far away time might have finished her nap on it, she waiting for my keys in the door to fill up her bowl straight away and with the exclusive food brought home from the grocery store, which the cat never visits anymore to the great distress of the grocer’s wife. Only sometimes when the rain pours down dreadfully along the windows but the cats wants to be let outside, realizing that I am not able to stop the rain, even when queen cat moves to the front door where it rains too, the cat looks very disappointed into my direction, probably telling herself that she knew from the first moment on that I would not  be able to handle the easiest things such as the weather and turns her back towards me.